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Is the use of staples to secure Corner Guards approved for installation?

Re: Approved Fasteners For WaterBlock Corner Guards

The question of whether the use of staples to secure Corner Guards is approved or not.

In our publication, "Window & Door Flashing Components" (which is just an installation guide, and general in nature), we state in section 2-B:

"roofing nails or self tapping flathead screws.
Install fasteners through jamb sides only of Corner Guards."

The roofing nails work well into wood studs, and the self tapping screws work well with steel stud applications.

The intent of the fasteners is to hold securely the corner guards so they will not move during the installation of the Waterproof Flashing Membrane and the window.

Many applicators have found that construction staples used instead of the roofing nails is an effective method of attaching Corner Guards to wood studs.

Should staples be the choice of the applicator, we would recommend that the staples be long enough to properly secure the corner guard. Make sure all staples are installed in jamb sides only, and driven in flush

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