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Premium Woven Housewrap Installation

WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap should be installed after the wall framing is completed and before the windows and doors are installed. WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap should be installed on the outside of the insulation cavity, preferably over an approved exterior sheathing board or insulation, and with the printed side installed facing the outside WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap can be fastened with either large head nails with sufficient length to penetrate the stud framing, or wide crown, 1-inch-long (25mm) staples, or 1-inch-diameter (25.4mm) plastic washer head nails. For installation over a foam plastic insulation board, the carriers shali be fastened with 3/8-inch diameter-head (9 .5mm) nails long enough to penetrate the framing member without crushing the foam board.

Fasteners should be spaced every 6-inches at the perimeter of the wall and around the door and window openings and between 12 to 18 inches along vertical framing members. Material higher on the wall should overlap materials lower on the wall. Horizontal overlaps should be at least 6 inches, and vertical flaps at least 6 inches. WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap should start at an outside corner, ensuring the roll remains vertical, unroll the material across the face of the sheathing making sure the roll remains plumb and that the bottom edges of the WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap extends over the foundation by 2-inches. The application should start at an outside corner extending around the starting point corner by at least 12-inches.

When installing around window or door openings, use an inverted (upside down) Y cut. Cut housewrap flush at top of window or door rough opening, pulling the flaps in at jambs and sill, (or trimming excess material), fastening securely through all layers into framing members with fasteners as described previously. At head of window relief cut the housewrap at each corner at a 45-degree angle. This will allow
you to lift up the house wrap head flap and temporarily tape in place while installing the windows, doors and flashing materials. Ensure that any protrusions in the wall assembly including windows, doors, vents, hose bibs and electrical boxes are flashed and are integrated properly into the housewrap.

Upon completion of the installation of the windows, doors and proper flashing materials, release the housewrap head flap, and reintegrate head flap using WaterBlock® Waterproof Flashing Membrane 25 or 40, or an approved contractor grade sheathing tape WaterBlock® Waterproof Flashing Membrane 25 or 40, or an approved contractor grade sheathing tape may be used to seal all vertical/horizontal seams. When used over wood-based sheathing in exterior plaster applications, 2-layers of product shall be applied over sheathing in accordance with Section 2510.6 of the IBC or Section 2506.4 of the UBC, as applicable, except for cementitious coatings or exterior insulation and finishing systems, application shall be in accordance with the evaluation report on the exterior coating.

WaterBlock® Premium Woven Housewrap is slippery and should not be used in any applications where it can be walked on. In addition, International Building Components Inc. recommends that kickjacks or scaffolding be used for exterior work above the first floor. If ladders are used, extra caution should be taken to use them safely by following the requirements set out in ANSI Standards 14.1, 14.2 and 14.5 for ladders made of wood, aluminum and fiber glass, respectively.

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