Advantage-30 Synthetic Roof Underlayment

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WaterBlock Advantage-30 is designed and manufactured to provide a superior roofing underlayment compared to both asphalt felt products and other synthetic underlayments.

Installation Guides

The WaterBlock Installation Guides will guide you step by step how to install your Window & Door flashing.

  1. General Installation Guide
  2. Create Custom Installation
  3. Recessed Install Guide

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Corner Guards

Tech Data
Designed to flash and protect one of the most critical areas of your window rough opening; the sill, jamb and sheathing Face. Our patent pending design allows for fast, easy nail on or screw on installation and works with both 2x4 and 2x6 wood or metal studs.

SAVES TIME AND HELPS REDUCE COSTLY MISTAKES caused by hard to follow cutting, folding, patching and caulking details.