Advantage-30 Synthetic Roof Underlayment

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WaterBlock Advantage-30 is designed and manufactured to provide a superior roofing underlayment compared to both asphalt felt products and other synthetic underlayments.

Installation Guides

The WaterBlock Installation Guides will guide you step by step how to install your Window & Door flashing.

  1. General Installation Guide
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Advantage-15 Roofing Underlayment

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WaterBlock Advantage-15 is designed and manufactured to provide a superior roofing underlayment compared to #15 lb asphalt felt products and other synthetic underlayments.

Advantage-15 is designed to be used over a roof deck as a water-resistant roofing underlayment beneath asphalt roofing shingles

Excellent Slip Resistance
Non woven spun bonded synthetic Anti-Slip facer provides excellent slip resistance dry or wet.

Superior Strength
UV stabilized woven scrim core bonded to the non woven Anti-Slip facer with a UV stable Anti-slip coating. Provides additional slip resistance, superior strength, and dimensional stability.

The “Tacky Back Coating “
Bottom side of the woven core is coated with a UV stabilized High COF coating. (COF = Coefficient of Friction) which we call “Tacky Back Coating”. The “Tacky Back Coating “helps prevent material movement by gripping the substrate when pressure is applied from the top side. This feature increases safety and decreases fabric tension at fastener locations.

Lay Flat Technology
Multi layer composition eliminates warping and wrinkling, providing a Lay Flat- NON Telegraphing underlayment. (felt underlayment’s can warp and wrinkle if exposed to moisture, telegraphing the wrinkles to the asphalt shingles)

The Ultimate “GREEN” Technology
Advantage-15 is manufactured with an engineered percentage of post industrial recycled materials and is also recyclable. Making this product the ultimate “green” 15 lb felt replacement.

UV Stabilized
UV stabilized components create a product that will perform exposed for up to 30 days.

10 Year Limited Warranty
See limited Warranty for details.

Advantage-15 Conforms to
Physical requirements ASTM D226 and D4869, CAN/CSA A123.3 Classification for use beneath UL 790Class A/ASTM E108, Class A fire rated asphalt shingles. 

(10 square roll = 1000 square feet)
Length 250 ft. / Width 4 ft. / Weight 22 lbs.