Advantage-30 Synthetic Roof Underlayment

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WaterBlock Advantage-30 is designed and manufactured to provide a superior roofing underlayment compared to both asphalt felt products and other synthetic underlayments.

Installation Guides

The WaterBlock Installation Guides will guide you step by step how to install your Window & Door flashing.

  1. General Installation Guide
  2. Create Custom Installation
  3. Recessed Install Guide

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Flashing Membrane - 40 mil

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WaterBlock® WFM-40 is composed of premium grade SBS modified bitumen laminated between a super strong, yet very flexible, UV resistant woven polyethylene complex on the face side, and a silicon release, siliconized plastic release film on the back side. Creates the MOST VERSATILE SELF SEALING Waterproof Flashing Membrane AVAILABLE, allowing for both STICK ON or NAIL ON installations.